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"Jää siia, ära lahku" - "Don´t leave...Stay"


Performance in Valga Railway Station. 

Video at Brīvības galerija, Valga. 


In the 1960s a music teacher from Valka – Uldis Muizarajs – wrote a melody, a piano piece that spoke about a love story on the border, as well as about the friendship of the two nations- Estonia and Latvia. In the year 2005 lyrics were written for this song and later it was released on CD.


Performance and production of a new composition in collaboration with composer Jaanus Karlson and singers Triinu Arak, Joonas Tomingas, Tõnis Hallaste, Kaisa Kuslapuu, Anne Visnapuu, Laura Hallaste, Elis Sõrmus, Hans-Hendrik Mikk, Andres Traks, Daniel Kütt, Elsa Trumm.

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