2010 -2012  Master program, Art in the public realm, Konstfack, Stockholm, (SE)

2007- 2010  Bachelor, Bergen Art Academy, (NO)
2009             Exchange to Tallinn Art Academy, (EE)


Selected Exhibitions



Roos Showroom, Stockholm, (SE)



Best of Sessions, Tenthaus, Oslo, (NO)

Site specific installation, Pärnu International Organ festival, (EE)

Letters, Intercontinental residency exchange with Cathy Wade and Kunst Vardo (NO)

Hanne på Stranden, performance at PAO Monumental, Oslo, (NO)

I´m __ voices, performance, Karnevalet, Oslo, (NO)

What if I could be a pianist? Collaboration with Ellakajsa Nordström, Gallery Blunk, Trondheim, (NO)



Du vet hvor ulike bildene av verden kan være. Performance at Hersleb School. Produced in collaboration with Tenthaus Oslo (NO)

Jää siia, ära lahku. Performance at Valga train station. Project in Valga/Valka, Estonia 100 years culture program, Valga (EE) 


I'm ready when you are, collaboration with Ellakajsa Nordström. Performance Art Festival, Hamar (NO)
I'm ready when you are. Exhibition and performance in collaboration with Ellakajsa Nordström Galleri BOA, Oslo (NO)
Performance at Arkhangelsk Art Center (RUS)


Performance Art festival, Oslo, (NO)

Winter Solstice, Vandaler forening, Oslo (NO)

Giswil Performance Art Festival, (CH)

Lager 008, Oslo, (NO)

Kunst Vardo, Feed, Oslo (NO)

Performance at Tonight, Helsinki (FI)
Kulturnatt Oslo, collaboration with Ellakajsa Nordström (NO)
PAB OPEN, collaboration with Sara Wolfert (NO)
Drive In Sound Art, collaboration with Ellakajsa Nordström (NO)
Kulturnatt Oslo, performance, (NO)
One Night Only, Kunstnernes Hus, collaboration with Ellakajsa Nordström (NO)
Karaoke Nights, Demon’s Mouth, Oslo (NO)
The ritual of coming back performance and screening at Month of Performance Art Berlin (DE)

I used to play the saxophone public performance in Drammen (NO)
One is a visitor or visited one goes or stays one conquers or is conquered at Cigarrvägen 13, Stockholm (SE)
One divides into two, two doesn’t merge into one screening at Cinemateket, Oslo (NO)
One divides into two, two doesn’t merge into one screening at Goethe-Institut Wyoming (US) 2013
One divides into two, two doesn’t merge into one performance with Ellakajsa Nordström at Ptarmigan Tallinn, (EE)
Life is a crime, Sommer i nORD, Raetferdigheten, Saeby (DK)

Subway Stories II screened at Oslo Open, UKS, Oslo (NO)
The streets are empty shown at TV/Dinner, Hemmliga Trädgården, Stockholm (SE)
What was it I thought I heard (II), Blommor, Hö̈karängen Centrum (SE)
Scene 1 screened at You can’t save yourself by saving the world, Ludwigsburg (DE)
Subway Stories, Part 1 and 2, Centrifug, Konsthall C, Stockholm (SE)
What was it I thought I heard (I), Platform, Stockholm (SE)
Subway Stories, Part 1 and 2, Konstfack, MFA, Stockholm (SE)
Mattorna Berättar, Hej Gävle at Gävle Konstcentrum (SE)
How to show the real thing? The Student Gallery, Konstfack, Stockholm (SE)
Jeg vil ikke være forskjellig, men allikevel jeg blander meg ikke inn BFA, Bergen Art Academy Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen (NO)
Koondatute Kunsti Keskus Tallinn Kunsthall, Blue Collar Blues, Tallinn (EE)
Wall Instructions, Live video installation at Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark, Bergen (NO)
Har du 12 barn? Screening at Moving video festival, Stockholm (SE)
The corridor collaboration with Lisa Renvall, Prøverommet, Bergen (NO)
2012 Group exhibition, Bergen (NO)
Farsmål Prøverommet, Teatergarasjen, Bergen (NO)
Floor piece performance at Visningsrommet Usf, Bergen (NO)



Residency/Pedagogical projects



Her og der mentorprogram, mentor, (NO)

DKS Oslo, collaboration with Kristine Dragland, (NO)

DKS Asker, Kunst +, (NO)

Kunstgjengen, FUBIAK, Oslo, (NO)

Kunstvisitten, Akershus Kunstsenter, (NO)


DKS Asker, Kunst +, (NO)

Kunstvisitten, Akershus Kunstsenter, (NO)

Kaos klubben, Including museums, collaborative project with FUBIAK and Astrup Fearnley Museum, (NO)


Residency in Valga, Project Estonia 100 years, (EE)

Soundworkshop at Trafo Kunsthall (NO)

PAO@Kulturnatt curator, Oslo, (NO)
DKS Asker, collaboration with Trafo Kunsthall, (NO)

Residency Arkhangelsk Art Center (RUS)
Residency at Nida Art Colony together with Sara Wolfert (LT)
Residency at Nida Art Colony together with Sara Wolfert (LT)
Selvportrett uten Selfie, photography workshop, Tøyen, Oslo (NO)
DKS at Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo (NO)
Artist talk and screening of Subway Stories at Y gallery, Tartu (EE)
Photography workshop Vastse-Kuuste school (EE)
Residency at Ptarmigian, Tallinn, (EE)
Residency at MoKs, Mooste, (EE)

Member of


PAO, NBK, UKS, nyMusikk, BOA

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