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“you know how dissimilar images of the world can be”


A performance by Anne-Liis Kogan produced by Tenthaus Oslo. 19.06.2018

Location: Hersleb High

With the participation of Diane, Abdishakur, Mashal, Jolie, Reza, Ali, Silje, Balin, Ahmed, Magnhild, Djordje, Ilham og Abdi.

Music by Shble Mazid Saleem
Choreography by Guro Erika Gjerstadberget
Image design by Daniel Hansen 

“you know how dissimilar images of the world can be”is a collaboration with youths from the entry class at Hersleb High School in Oslo, Tenthaus Oslo and the artist Anne-Liis Kogan.

The performance at Hersleb High School takes as its focus the cultural heritage carried by each of the pupils in the participating-class. As a starting point the various skills each of them have came to the fore, together with the many different languages the pupils are familiar with. The project has consisted in various workshop-based meetings. Through conversations, artist-try-outs and investigations in sound and video, they have achieved distinct results. The pupils refined their work process through their own current interests such as song, soccer, skipping-rope, writing and poetry.

Warm thanks to Kristine Halmrast, Daniel Hansen, Hans Jørgen Hamre, Trine Christensen, Magnhild Vanem, Eirik Slyngstad, Johanna Raita, Istvan Virag, Pernille Vogt, Kirsty Kross, Regine Stensæth Josefsen, Adnan Basic, Silje Eugenie Strande Øktner, Piret Vasli, Remy Gregory, Ragnhild Aamås, Tenthaus and everyone at Hersleb High School.


Produced with support from Arts Council Norway and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.

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